The comeback

I haven’t looked at this blog for a year. Partly due to having rather a lot of other writing on my plate (80 000 words to be precise), and the resulting limited exposure to the outside world while that all happened. Life is pleasantly simple when you are finishing a PhD – that is what you do. Every day. And people make sympathetic, slightly horrified faces, and let you off almost anything for the duration. I’m not saying it wasn’t a really hard thing to do, but I’ve done harder. And it’s a completely different story doing something difficult when society at large acknowledges it is difficult AND that it is a good thing to be doing. And at the end of it all, calls you Doctor forever more, and offers you a big red cloak and a squishy hat. I feel a little as if some of my other enterprises were more worthy of a title change – three and a half years at Zithulele: Kate the Grey? Year and a half with Mentor Mothers: Kate the White. A big stick would definitely have helped too.

So I’m at one of those exciting points in life when a fair-sized mountain is behind me, and a new phase is ahead. I’ve had an extraordinary run of awesome spoils over the past three months, including two spectacular adventure holidays in quick succession. Work is arriving on my doorstep without prompting, AND I am going to be paid for doing it (something of a novelty in the last 5 years). Cape Town is getting rain at last, the streams on the mountain are filling up again and the surf is sweetening under the north-wester. After more years than I can remember, I’m singing again in front of other people. Picking up the guitar. Drawing, painting and – it seems – writing.

Life is very, very good.




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