Kate is moving to Mada: FAQ

I’m sorry, what?

It’s true. Sorry to all of my nearest and dearest to whom I have neglected to communicate this plan. Possibly I have been in some denial about leaving. Possibly I was also waiting for a little more formality about the plan, like a visa or a contract. But I only got visa on Wed. And who needs a contract…

What for? 

Going to help my amazing friend Anri-Louise train Malagasy OT’s at the University of Antananarivo (see here for more about OT in Mada).  They’ve been going two years, and now really REALLY need a second OT lecturer. I may have found the only academic job in the world that requires you to have a PhD but doesn’t really pay you for it.

They’re not paying you??

No, I believe they will. Just maybe not right away. And even a great rate in ariary doesn’t mean much in ZAR. But hey ho…

Are you nuts??

Need you ask?

When are you going?

Sunday 15th Jan. We start teaching on Monday. So far I know that I have 6 hours of lecturing to do that day, and that the dress code is just south of cocktail wear (interesting for someone who has mostly worn pyjamas to work for the last 5 years). Content of lectures as yet undisclosed, but there will be a translator. Because everything is in French.

How’s your French?

Hm. Two months old, and better after a double G&T. And if you picture a two-month-old after a double G&T, that’s more or less my French. Thankfully I have an awesome polyglot Polish aunt who happens to be a French teacher, or we’d be looking at an embryo with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Where will you live? 

In Tana, with Anri-Louise. Sadly at least 8 hours from the nearest decent wave, but the mountain bike is coming with me.

How long are you going for? 

Academic year is Jan to August. Will prob stay on to travel a bit afterwards, so should be back in SA end September.

Can I come visit?

Yes! Although I won’t be much of a tour guide until the academic year is over – they don’t seem to do holidays so much. Curious to see who of all who ask this question who will actually turn up – consider it a challenge! Free lemur to the first five arrivals.


Stay tuned friends – it’s going to be an interesting year…



2 thoughts on “Kate is moving to Mada: FAQ

  1. Good luck Katie! It sounds amazing! Right up your street(except the dress code!) Enjoy every minute and hope you get to the waves some time. Keep us in the loop. Will miss you!


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