And then it was over

So here I am in Tana airport, seated airside and approved by the luggage arbitrators, the Malagasy emigration authorities and the Plague Police to leave the Red Island. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The past month was always meant to be relatively calm and conducive to wrapping up and winding down. I… Continue reading And then it was over



Tonight I had news from home that will not let me sleep unless I write. My friend is a student, in a class where she is a one-woman ethnic minority. She loves this college, where she has worked for over a year. She loves the diversity, the dialogue, the honesty, the vibe. She feels like… Continue reading Tonight

Agents, sieges and trombones – or Everything Is More Fun In French

Learning French has been an unplanned bonus element to this year. Given that it’s the official language of the university (although outside the big cities virtually no one speaks it), I had to get up to speed on the verbes irréguliers and passé composé fairly rapidly. Although we teach with translators, there are still assignments to read,… Continue reading Agents, sieges and trombones – or Everything Is More Fun In French